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Checkpoint: Ram, Goat or Sheep Edition

Doesn’t matter what the zodiac sign is called in English. It doesn’t change the fact that I wish all those who are born with this sign the very best in the coming year.

The past week was nice. Lots of food with loved ones and all that. I caught a lot more of the Chinese free preview channels from Rogers this year and it’s fascinating to see it evolve over the past several years. It’s inching closer and closer to North American style of shows. Variety shows are still uniquely Asian but singing contests and other reality TV concepts have made their way into Chinese TV.

I wonder if Storage Wars: Shanghai is a thing.

I finished Wind Waker HD and started StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. I could have spent a bit more time seeking out heart pieces but I decided to stab Ganon in the face. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is pretty awesome so far. I am very impressed with the variety in the campaign and look forward to playing more on a daily basis.

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