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Checkpoint: El Clasico 2015 Edition

It’s a great day of soccer today. It started with Liverpool vs Manchester United. It should have been a better game but Steven Gerrard decided to stamp on the foot of Manchester United’s Ander Herrera.

The Hull City vs Chelsea match wasn’t on the docket of “great matches” but it turned into a very competitive match with Chelsea on the brink of dropping points. Up next, there is a Bayern Munich vs Borussia Monchengladbach match which Bayern are currently losing at the time of writing.

The star of the day is undoubtedly the La Liga match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. This El Clasico will likely determine the outcome of the season. It will be my second El Clasico and I have high hopes for the competitiveness of it. I don’t really care who wins despite owning a Real Madrid training jersey. I have a lot of respect for Barca’s style of play. They may not have the physical presence of Real Madrid but they have incredible skill.

I capped off Wolfenstein: The New Order with the relatively pain free Platinum Trophy. I really enjoyed my time with it and if I played it in 2014, it would have made its way onto my top 10. Perhaps even in the top 3.

The next game is Bloodborne which many are going gaga over. I’m cautiously optimistic because of From Software’s past transgressions when it comes to technical decisions.


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