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Checkpoint: Not All Tax Software Edition

Here we are on Easter Sunday aka my annual tax day. This year I decided to try one of the free options available. Chief among the free options was H&R Block’s web offering. For this year (at least), H&R Block are letting everyone file their personal taxes for free. Hey, if there’s an opportunity to save $30 and file taxes using quality software then why not?

I gathered all my receipts and forms and was all ready to start. I filled out the questionnaires and forms with relative ease but as soon as I tried to verify and get my Netfile file, all hell broke loose. Blocks of text errors highlighting missing T3 info left me wondering if my forms were wrong. I consulted my bank and confirmed that my forms were correct leaving me to believe that H&R Block’s online tax software cannot process my file.

What a waste of time and a bad first impression for H&R Block. It’s back to Intuit’s TurboTax for me.

It’s all Bloodborne with a dash of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past whenever it isn’t Bloodborne. I’m enjoying Bloodborne despite its issues. I can’t help but wish for more from a technical perspective. It’s a first party published game after all. I find it tough to believe Sony thought it was okay to have players endure such load times and wade through sluggish framerates. Nintendo wouldn’t have been okay with it.

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