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Checkpoint: FIFA Corruption Edition

What a week for world soccer. A bunch of high ranking FIFA officials were arrested and Sepp Blatter somehow manages to win a fifth consecutive term as a FIFA president.


If this was any other organization or governing body, Sepp Blatter would have been forced out in the wake of all these arrests. So how did Mr. Blatter manage to get re-elected? Years of attention towards African and Asian countries curried a lot of favor and it pays off handsomely for this man. Since every country — regardless of size or influence — has equal say in who should lead FIFA, it’s no wonder that Sepp Blatter continues to win.

The story surrounding FIFA’s corruption is interesting and has been covered by the likes of John Oliver (seen above) and ESPN E:60 Special Report. Despite the awareness, many of the nation members of FIFA don’t seem to care that FIFA is corrupt because all these little nations continue to receive money from the World Cup and Sepp Blatter ensures that.

So it’s business as usual then? For now. Unless there’s some kind of external power that will force change, it looks like FIFA will operate like it always has.

I honestly don’t care about the World Cup. It may have wooed me into soccer but I am a bigger fan of club soccer. International soccer may have the prestige but it doesn’t quite represent best of soccer. The flopping is more rampant and the quality of the refereeing suffers due to unfamiliarity and the pressures of a big stage. I would rather watch the UEFA Champions League than the World Cup final. But not everyone feels that way. In fact, it’s the opposite which is why the World Cup is such a big deal and why FIFA is so powerful.

I don’t foresee myself playing anything but The Witcher 3 for at least the next month. The Witcher 3 is huge and I’m enjoying the process of peeling away the layers.


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