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Checkpoint: Chevy Volt 2015 Edition

I finally test drove the Chevy Volt 2015. I’ve been wanting to test drive one since January of this year but dealerships seemingly ran out of them for three straight months so I just gave up. I wanted to test drive the Chevy Volt 2016 and was curious what the situation was with Canadian dealerships. I e-mailed a local dealership through Chevy’s website and in the end, they offered a 2015 Volt to test drive stating it was “the 2016 Chevrolet Volt will be similar to the 2015 but very different at the same time”.

The Drive

So how was it? Surprisingly good. The drive itself was a lot more nimble than I was expecting. I’m really only familiar with my dad’s sedan which weighs approximately 3450 lbs and the 2015 Volt weighs in at 3794 lbs. So in a sense I was expecting a sedan like feel in a compact but that wasn’t the case. It was quite responsive off the line thanks to that high torque. The 149 horsepower engine does take a bit of time to ramp up to 100 km/h which was expected.

As expected, I didn’t hear the engine whatsoever. Only the sound of the tires and road were heard along with the wind.


The center console wasn’t great. I can see owners becoming accustomed to it but new comers will struggle to decipher the smattering of touch buttons and small symbols.

The ride was smooth and the seats were comfortable for all passengers. There was just enough room for everyone. I don’t see how anyone other than a small child can squeeze into the middle seat in the 2016 Volt.

I knew the rear window was supposed to be small and it definitely was. I really needed to adjust the rearview mirror perfectly in order to even see anything that wasn’t the backseats. I’ve never been in a car with such a small rearview before so that was different.

The Looks

I thought the 2015 Volt looked fine. It’s a pudgy compact car but it was styled to signify that it was different and even a little futuristic. But I find the 2016 Volt to be an improvement in the looks department; it looks svelte compared to the 2015. It certainly has a superior backside.

What Next?

I came away liking the 2015 Volt but I recognize that it has some issues that I know the 2016 revision addressed. The redesigned center console is a key differentiator along with the improved electric range, reduction in weight and new look. I’m looking forward to seeing the 2016 Chevy Volt in person before committing to ordering one but I am 80% the way there.

I didn’t expect to finish Galak-Z already but since the fifth season hasn’t unlocked yet, I’m officially done with the 2-D shooter. I enjoyed it despite its technical issues. I’ll have a review ready by Wednesday.

What’s next? More Rocket League won’t hurt. Maybe Rayman Legends or that Metro: Redux collection that I purchased last year. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the next game on the docket but that’s a few weeks away. I might spend time with the upcoming Black Ops III beta and hopefully some Street Fighter V beta which I finally got to try on Friday evening. I enjoyed the SFV beta but it’s still too early and inconsistent to pass judgement.

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