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Checkpoint: Sans Glasses Edition

I’ve worn glasses since junior high but this past week I put in an end to that. I decided to visit a local LASIK shop and have them zap the nearsightedness out of my eyes.

LASIK was always in the back of my mind. The seed was planted in the back of my mind in my early 20’s but then it was always that luxury that wasn’t suited for me yet. My eyes didn’t settle yet and the high cost wasn’t appealing.

Fast forward a few years and things are different. My prescription did settle, my health insurance will reimburse a sizeable chunk of the cost and I was growing tired of glasses. (If I had chosen to get higher quality glasses instead of Costco’s, my decision may have been different.)

I was looking forward to the procedure but not for the result themselves. I was curious what the actual procedure was like. The entire process was about 15 minutes but I wanted know what was involved and I was surprised how relaxed the entire process was.

I was expecting my head to be strapped down but that wasn’t the case at all. I laid in a contoured headrest, stared a green light for a handful of seconds per eye and it was over.

I was a bit disoriented at first but that was it. I was lead to a dimly lit area, put on my surprisingly adequate sunglasses, shut my eyes and waited 45 minutes. After my first regiment of eye drops and a quick verification by one of the eye care specialists, I was given the all clear to go home.

The recovery process was annoyingly uncomfortable. If you wanted to experience what it was like yourself, all you have to do is cut a an onion and let all that eye watering goodness invade your eyes. That’s why they tell you just sleep off the first day. The onion-like burning sensation eventually went away but a sensitivity to light still forced me to keep my eyes closed. I also got something in my right eye and couldn’t do anything to get it out. I wasn’t allowed to rub my eyes or get water in to flush it out. I tried using the lubricating eye drops to flush it out but no avail. Try sleeping with an eye lash or grain of sand in your eye. I eventually took one of the eye numbing eye drops so I could get back to bed. In the morning, I was finally able to shift it away.

Just over 48 hours after the big surgery day and so far so good. The recovery is going well and I’m slowly getting used to the new “lenses”. I still catch myself reaching for my face as if I was wearing glasses still which makes me feel silly every single time. I still have several days of eye drops to go through but even with all of this, I’m pleased with my decision thus far.

I’m chipping away at Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It’s tough to render an opinion on the game but I feel like I’m playing one giant checklist which is not something I thought I would associate with in a numbered Metal Gear title. It’s a whole lot like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker but with vast expanses.

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