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Checkpoint: Interstellar Edition

I finally watched Interstellar last night and it is by far the preeminent science-fiction film of the last decade. For me, the best science-fiction films expand the mind, think of different possibilities and inspires the viewer to learn more. Interstellar did that for me if only for a few late hours last night and a few more hours early this morning.

I was pleased to read that the science behind the film was vetted by an expert. I’m going to buy that paperback just to have a go to source to accompany the film. The official Wikipedia article summarizes the events of the movie but I want more. And who better to get the answers from than from the man behind the science itself?

I watched it via Netflix but I was still awe struck by what was shown on screen. It’s one of the most visually stunning films I’ve ever seen. And that soundtrack? Fit the film like a glove; Hans Zimmer did it again.

I’ve been tinkering with the Star Wars: Battlefront beta and it may have convinced me to wait for the the game to hit a lower price point. I’m not sold on the game’s depth.

After like four restarts, I believe I’m on my way to a solid run with Massive Chalice. The mechanics are simple but the systems themselves have nuances that were simply lost to me early on. I wonder if I’ll continue to go deep with this game and actually finish it though.


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