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Checkpoint: 3-months of Lazed Eyes Edition

I’m nearing the 3 month mark for my laser eye surgery, so here’s a little progress report.

The two nagging issues following the initial two weeks of recovery were dry eyes, new floaters and still believing I was wearing glasses at times. The dry eyes ceased to be a regular issue around the 1.5 month mark. It was only at my workplace and its horridly dry environment where I would experience dryness. Nowadays, it has to be a particularly dry day at work for me to bust out the eye drops.

Unsurprisingly, there are new floaters in my vision. I always had floaters in my eyes but the surgery (as foretold) brought new ones. These new ones are more distinct but I believe they will either fade away over time or I will become accustomed to them. The most distinct ones have already begun to fade away.

The “phantom glasses” feeling mostly went away after 1.5 months as well but I caught myself reaching to adjust my glasses after I started wearing my beanie for winter. I’m guessing that’s the last of it though.

After 3 months, the benefits outweigh the above annoyances. Just being able to wear my choice of sunglasses without needing a prescription pair is a huge boon for me. And, as my brother pointed out, I can see how filthy or clean my standup shower is without wearing glasses. (All that means is I have to clean it more frequently).

I started Axiom Verge. It’s an enjoyable Metroid expired game but that main character sprite is leaving a lot to be desired. Simply put: I think it’s ugly and does the game a disservice.

I’m also chipping away at Xenoblade Chronicles 3D which is wearing out its welcome. I keep falling into the trap of believing this game has worthwhile side quests and that I’m not just doing the same fetch quests over and over again.


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