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Checkpoint: Search Edition

I didn’t implement search on GameDealsCanada’s website until now because I couldn’t figure out to get working right. After some tinkering and tweaking, I finally implemented a way to search for deals. It’s not perfect but I think it’s serviceable.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a website that has an unreliable search function. Getting no results when there are obviously products/deals that fit in my search criteria is the opposite of helpful.

So what did I do?

  1. Split search into two. One for deals and one for posts. The deals search field is at the top of the page while the posts search field is in the footer.
  2. Restricted top search to deals titles only. Ignored platform and store attributes since you can use the existing filters.
  3. Added common acronyms like blops, cod and ds4 to deal item descriptions so they can be picked up by the search

The search function is really only useful when there are well over 40 items on the deals page. Black Friday and Boxing Day are the two days that benefit most. I’m hoping it works well but I won’t know until Boxing Day.

I just finished Axiom Verge. It took just over 13 hours but it’s done and while there’s more of the map to uncover and more items to discover, I don’t see myself wanting to go back. I’ve had my fill.

I’ve also been frequenting Black Ops III multiplayer, trudging through Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and developed an infatuation with Pokemon Picross. It’s a good thing that the annoying free to play restrictions are in place because otherwise, I would have burned through as much of it as I could. Picross is addictive.

The next game will be The Order: 1886.


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