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Checkpoint: Gaming Expenses 2015 Edition

I get Amazon.ca gift cards and ever since I started to receive them, I’ve excluded purchases made with them from these gaming expense reports. Now that my purchases are skewing more towards Amazon.ca, I thought these gaming expense reports are starting to look silly. Then I tallied up the numbers, looked at the charts and discovered there was still merit to presenting this stuff.

The Pie Charts

2015 Purchase Breakdown by Value 2015 Purchase Breakdown by Quantity

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and the Wii U Balance Board contributed to that large chunk in the value chart. As for the Xbox One slice? That was primarily Xbox Wireless Adapters for the PC.

The Bar Charts

Total Expenses Over the Years Total Software Expenses Over the Years

The “Paid” part of the “Total Expenses Over the Years” chart gave me pause during this whole process. This looks ridiculous if you didn’t know I was utilizing Amazon.ca gift cards. If these expense posts were a reflection of deal hunting skill and prowess, I would have scrapped it by now. However, this is a look at my own cash expenditures and not a measure of how much I saved.

As for 2016’s expense target? I don’t have one. The lower the better and that’s all that matters.

I finished Undertale. I love Undertale’s soundtrack and a few moments here and there but that’s about it. Next? I’m not sure. Maybe crack open Far Cry 4 and give that a go. I’ve also been putting in time on Puzzles & Dragons for the 3DS. It’s interesting but the need to grind for items and levels is a bit weird for a puzzle game.

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