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Checkpoint: 16GB of DDR4 Edition

The first piece of my new PC arrived last week. I pulled the trigger on it because it reached the lowest recorded price point ever on Amazon.ca and across all retailers according to PCPartPicker’s price tracker.

I chose the Crucial Ballistix Sport because it met some very simple criteria:

  • It was cheap.
  • I chose 2 x 8GB because two sticks of 16GB memory was far too costly
  • I chose DDR4-2400 because I wanted to do some light overclocking

So why did I just buy the memory? What about all the other parts? I’m in no rush to build this PC because I’m waiting for NVIDIA’s next generation GPUs to arrive. However, I do have a cut off date: July 29, 2016. That’s when Microsoft stops offering free upgrades to Windows 10.

This will be my smallest PC yet. It will be a mini-itx based PC but I’m moving down to cases that can accommodate full sized GPUs and SFX power supplies. I’m trying to build a powerful and quiet console sized gaming PC.

The Division comes out next week so in the meantime it’s been a lot of Street Fighter V and Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. I’m enjoying both but they’re not without their issues. Street Fighter V makes a gorgeous first impression but after spending some time looking at the the characters and stages, the flaws become increasingly irksome and disappointing. I don’t ever recall a mainline Street Fighter title debuting with such disregard for detail.

As for Fire Emblem gripes? The awkward anime tropes and awkward handling of offspring. I didn’t meddle with this stuff in Fire Emblem: Awakening and while it’s nice to see new characters on my roster, it’s offset by the peculiar handling of raising children.

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