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Checkpoint: New PC Woes Edition

I don’t expect every new PC build to go flawlessly but it’s still a hassle when it falls apart. Doubts creep into my head:

  • Is it the RAM?
  • Am I sure it’s the RAM?
  • Maybe it’s the motherboard?
  • Or maybe the CPU?
  • Did I mess it up?

My new PC is having memory issues. I know one DIMM is dead as it won’t POST at all while the other one is likely flaky as it doesn’t post reliably. I’m ruling it as a memory issue but I won’t be surprised if this is the beginning of a very long journey.

I saw the warnings NewEgg and Amazon.ca about quality and compatibility issues but I decided to roll the dice on the Curcial Ballistix Sport anyways. I guess I wasn’t lucky.

Thankfully Amazon.ca customer service is amazing. They allowed me to return the memory despite the fact that it’s outside of the 30 day window. I ordered a set of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 (2 x 8GB). They seem to be receiving a lot of love on NewEgg They’re cheaper and faster than the Crucial which makes me wonder if this is a blessing in disguise.

If the memory doesn’t resolve my issues, it’s onto the motherboard as a potential culprit.

My brother and I continue to play The Division but last night was the first time I felt I’ve had my fill. The Incursion, Falcon Lost, isn’t particularly fun or creative. Granted my brother and I undermanned for this mission but the wave based setup smells of laziness. Yes, it’s a free update but their portrayal of it made it seem like it was a ‘raid’ equivalent which it isn’t.

I’m chipping away at Valkyria Chronicles and continue to rediscover how great this game is.

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