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Checkpoint: Rogers Issues Edition

I’ve been having a issues with my Rogers services as of late. My cable boxes stopped working and cable modem needs frequent power cycling to work.

Cable TV Woes

All my cable boxes suddenly stopped working and long story short: it was my active splitter. But before I discovered that it was my fault, I filed a ticket with Rogers who claimed it was their fault and continues to update me with automated messages stating such and they they’re still looking to it. They’re not sending a tech and I haven’t contacted them to clear the issue but I’m finding it curious that they would allow someone to go 5+ days without service.

Cable Internet Dies

My cable modem freezes and I need to give it a power cycle to restore internet access. I know it’s not my router because I cannot even access the cable modem’s webpage and none of the lights blink. I replaced the unit at a local Rogers store and the issue continued. I replaced the passive splitter in hopes it will do something but I’m leaning towards it being that my replacement might be a dud as well. As extra precaution, I gave the unit additional space to breathe to rule out the possibility of a heat issue since it has been getting warmer.

It was surprisingly easy to exchange modems. However, trying to determine if cable modem issue was on my end or Rogers’ was an exercise in frustration. The live chat attendant wasn’t knowledgeable and didn’t even comprehend the notion of my cable modem loosing its IP and requiring a power cycle.

The workaround is so easy which is why I’m putting up with the nearly daily power cycling but my patience is wearing thin.

What have I been playing? Overwatch and a little dabbling of Ocarina of Time 3D. I could start Mighty No. 9 but, as silly as it may sound, I’m holding out hope for them to fix the framerate issues on the PS4 version.

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