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Checkpoint: Comedians, Cars & Coffee Edition

There are numerous shows that I should watch but then I gravitate towards something completely out of left field. The HBO special, Talking Funny, was a wonderful look into the minds of comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. I wanted more of that kind of insight to these funny men and stumbled upon Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s a wonderful web series that gives insight to comedians, classic cars, observations on modern society. It’s also a strangely calming series that gave me an appreciation for coffee ritual.

I don’t do coffee. I enjoy the occasional latte or cappuccino on a date but I’m not one to go out with an old friend to catch up over coffee.

We’ve covered the comedian and the coffee but what about the cars? I don’t have a reverence for cars like Jerry does. I’m at the opposite end of the car spectrum with my electric vehicle. I don’t have a joy or appreciation for driving like others do. I don’t need to hear the rumble or roar of an engine; I prefer the silence and being surrounded by the cushion of technology. Still, it’s captivating to hear others revere the classics.

The game of summer 2016 continues with Overwatch.

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