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Checkpoint: It’s Groundhog Day Edition

“Well it’s Groundhog Day again…”

Another classic is off my watch list and what a movie it was. I had an idea what to expect but I was still surprised with how well the movie was put together. I watched it on Crackle which interrupted the movie with the periodic ads. It was widescreen but in standard definition. And yet, I still found that the movie held up remarkably well.

It’s a relatable tale about life, the treatment of other, self reflection and self improvement. I’ve never felt the boredom of everyday life; I know I’m living a routine but the tiny daily goals that I set for myself keep me going.

The next classic to watch is the original Ghostbusters. I guess I should have watched that first but the draw and fascination surrounding Groundhog Day was too tough to ignore.

I need to write up my thoughts on Overwatch. I really enjoy it still and I can’t see myself putting this game down as long as Blizzard regularly updates it. Of course, that’s easy for me to say in the middle of summer gaming drought but that’s my intention.

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