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Checkpoint: Doom Edition

I bought Doom (2016) for $39.99 on Friday. I normally wait for Bethesda published games to slide down towards the $30 – $20 range but I made an exception to the much lauded Doom.  What an impressive game. I knew what to expect through podcast impressions and videos but I couldn’t appreciate how smooth and effortless the controls were for consoles.

There are certain elements and aspects of the game that remind me of each and every Doom title that preceded this but there are mechanics at play that I simply haven’t experienced in a first person shooter before. I’m still early in the game but I can already tell it’s a going to be of one of 2016’s best.

Seasonal events are rad but none of those cosmetic items are screaming “must get” for me. The only goal for me is to reach rank a season high of 65 before the inaugural competitive season of Overwatch concludes. I’m currently sitting at 64.

I’ll have a review of Overwatch later this week but it should be no mystery that I really enjoy this game.

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