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Checkpoint: Table Tennis Edition

We’ve haven’t had winter make its presence known quite like this in quite some time. Snow, a tiny bit of freezing rain and bitter cold temperatures are usually seen in January. I don’t mind it but it does make it a little bit more difficult to “get my steps in”. I could just walk around my house like a mad man but instead I’ve leveraged the treadmill and table tennis table over at my folks’ place. 

Table tennis is the pleasant surprise. I never played it before this past November but it’s quickly become one of my favorite activities. It’s actually become a family activity with 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 matches. We started with basic paddles and balls before upgrading to higher quality ones and to my surprise, we were able to discern the difference. It really helped that my brother and I established a baseline first. 

We picked up the basics through the internet (for rules on how to serve etc) and our parents who played it when they were young. Slowly we learned how to slice and top spin through trial and error. We’re still lowly newbies but we’re improving. 

Early winter weather also enabled more games to be completed. I just finished The Last Guardian and I think I’ve made significant progress towards the end of Dragon Quest VII. 

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