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Checkpoint: Cool Guy 80’s Edition

Yakuza 4 was the most recent game in the Yakuza timeline that I played. I thought he was a cool bad ass in Yakuza 2 but with each subsequent instalment, his coolness wore off and traded cool bad ass for grizzled old man who keeps getting into trouble. Yakuza 0 winds that clock back to his early days as a yakuza and restores what I love most about this series: Kiryu kicking ass and looking cool as hell doing it. He’s not ferociously recording moves on his cell phone, he’s just absorbing inspiration with his mind employing it in battle straight away. He’s not texting ladies in the 1988’s, he’s receiving coded messages on his pager. He’s also attacking karaoke with shameless youthful zest that I can only pull off after a couple of drinks. 

I haven’t finished Yakuza 0 but I already have this feeling that it may be my favorite in the series.

I started Pokemon Sun. I don’t have much to say yet because I didn’t even get my first Pokemon yet. I have no idea who to choose as my starter but it’s currently between Litten and Popplio. I have nothing against the seal but a cat named Litten is pretty awesome. This will be my first Pokemon game since Gold in 2000. I’ve kept tabs on several games and took peeks at them when my brother plays them but I have yet to complete one for myself in 16 years. 

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