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Checkpoint: 18th Slam Edition

Early Sunday morning as I was struggling to fall back asleep (I’ve been inexplicably waking up at around 2:30-3:00am), a 35 year old Roger Federer was beginning his match against the 30 year old Rafa Nadal. I wish I could have watched it for myself but alas it wasn’t meant to be. But regardless, I felt a sense of bitter sweet gratification knowing that he won another Grand Slam after all this time. It’s been 4 long years since the classy Swiss maestro was triumphant. 4 long years of me thinking he’s going to take advantage of situations such as this but ending up falling a little short. It’s only fitting that the one time I didn’t watch him, he goes and wins it all.

But I’m not hear to wax lyrical about Roger’s latest accomplishment at 35 years old. No, I’m wondering where the time went. For whatever reason, I believed Rafa Nadal was still in his late 20’s. I know age is just a number and the man can still play but it certainly explains his injury struggles in the last couple years. Time caught up to him, me and all of us. 

I’ve been pondering a lot about the age gap between Roger and Rafa. It’s 5 years but what does that really mean for an individual? I just quit a job of 5 years. I finished high school in 5 years. My brother finished his Masters and Doctorate studies in a similar span of time. Roger Federer tasted defeat on the big stage for nearly that amount of time. 5 year’s worth of knowledge and experience is significant.

I didn’t realize it until now but I grew into my own skin in those 5 years. I grew more comfortable with myself and my life. I’m much more comfortable speaking my mind publicly. I learned to examine myself and re-evaluate ideas and plans. I no longer impulsively believe that my initial idea is the best idea and that’s better to take wholistic views on things. 

I’ve been seeing this wonderful woman of my exact age and it’s been a refreshing experience. I’ve dated younger women but I’ve always felt we were at odds with mentality and maturity. While it’s only 4 or 5 years between myself and those younger women, in my experience, they’ve always seemed lag behind in perspective and self identity. Some were still at the stage where they believe just following their whims was a sound plan. While others were still finding themselves, their interests and what they wanted out of a partner and in life. I don’t have the complete picture of my life sketched out but at the very least, I know me and I know what I like. 

Age is just a number but sometimes it is spot on at telling you exactly what to expect out of a person. I finally met someone whom I can look in the eye and genuinely feel that we’re equals. I don’t know if this is enough blossom into a long lasting relationship yet but I want to find out. 

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