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Checkpoint: What Is This Blog Edition

This website (or blog if you so inclined) is reaching its tenth year. It started as a place that covered video games and technology but slowly evolved into my own space where I’m analyzing my own life and divulging more and more of my personal life. The last couple of months, this site became more of a space for me to vent than a place to share thoughts on my hobbies. I’ve considered making these types of posts private but I haven’t expressed anything compromising and don’t mind sharing. I may change my mind later on but they will remain public for now. 

I was going to check in with the latest revelations in my life but there’s not much to share. I just got dumped again (twice in February now) but there’s not much to learn from that. I have a long list of women who I dumped or dumped me on my contact list and I’m not sure what to do with it all. 


I’m making good headway with Yakuza 0. I haven’t progressed the story for the past week but I’ve checked out plenty of side content. Plenty of weird and wonderful side content.

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