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Checkpoint: Bach & Dates Edition

If someone told me last month that I would be attending Johann Sebastian Bach recitals with a female friend and by lonesome, I would have my doubts. If I someone told me last month that I lined up 3 dates in 5 days with hopes a 4th date sooner or later, I would have called them a liar. 

I attended the first two of Angela Hewitt’s Bach Odyssey recitals. Thursday was with a friend and while it was a bit of a slow start, it ended strong which left me wanting more. The majority of Bach Odyssey I consisted of Bach’s “inventions” which were interesting at times but ultimately very erratic for someone who’s looking for something livelier and more substantial. Inventions were made for students to practice and it was evident why they’re not normally played in public. The two-part inventions were a bit boring at times. The three-part inventions were livelier. 

The recital ended on a high note and left me wanting to attend the second recital. Unfortunately the friend whom I attended the first one with had to go home for her friend’s wedding. I didn’t want to go solo but fortunately, I had a first date lined up on Friday who may have been open to the idea. To my surprise, my date was well versed in classical music and a big fan of the arts in general. Unfortunately she had a prior engagement and couldn’t attend. But she did insist that I attend by my lonesome regardless and I’m glad I took her advice. 

Bach Odyssey II consisted of the composer’s “French Suites” which were a whole lot more entertaining and intriguing than the inventions of the first. My appreciation for the piano and pianists grew ten fold after watching Angela Hewitt crush each and every suite. I never fully appreciated how a single person can play such complex music with just two hands. It was an entertaining performance throughout. 

Friday’s date was overall a success despite my doubts of a romantic relationship developing. I found her fascinating and we had some very thought provoking conversations about our lives and perspectives. I have every intention to see her again; I hope she feels the same — if only as friends. My doubts for something more stems from the fact that we’re just so different in our thinking and our lifestyles. Seemingly the only things we have in common are the fact that we’re both asians and a bit introverted. I have additional dates on Monday and Tuesday. I honestly don’t have high hopes and neither are with the one I’m keen on meeting but instead of dwelling on that fact, I just gotta keep moving. 

I’m still playing Yakuza 0. If I’m going to finish this game, I ought to stop doing the lengthy but enjoyable side content. 

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