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Troubleshooting the Electrolux EW30IS6CJSB

So your expensive Electrolux Induction range is beeping and has the dreaded error E15 code flashing on the instrument panel and you’re looking for workaround, fixes and answers.

Well, after spending 3 years or so scrounging for answers, I have finally put this issue to rest. Here are my suggestions ranging from simplest fix to most expensive. This issue plagued my parents’ Electrolux EW30IS6CJSB Induction Range but these fixes may be applicable to other models as well.

Lock the Touch Panel

Early on, the error E15 and beeping was popping up after the stove top was used. I was able to get away with simply locking the instrument panel by using the “Control Lock” function. This would suppress the beeping and eventually the E15 code would clear.

Power Cycle Range

In time, the error E15 code and beeping became more prevalent and locking the instrument panel wasn’t enough. Turning off the range at the circuit breaker for 10 minutes would clear the error for a brief period of time.

Error E15 vs E15 + F15

If the issue persists, it’s time to look into replacing parts. I was in the fortunate situation where I had access to a fully functioning range that I could swap parts with. With this in mind, I began digging into documentation and forums.

I found the “Factory Parts Catalog” here (PDF: 5995594321)

This is what the “Service Data Sheet” (PDF: 318127067) has to say about the error code E15:

15 – ESEC Self test fail. 1) Check harness going to ESEC-UIB connection. 2) Replace ESEC-UIB.

Armed with that and the suggestions posters mentioned on the Appliance Parts Pros forum, I ran through the following troubleshooting steps:

Checking Wiring Harness (Part #318402354)

Checked the wires between the oven relay board (Part# 316443916) and the ESEC-UIB (Part #316576452) to ensure they were all properly connected. I even swapped the wiring from the known working range but no luck.

Replacing the ESEC-UIB (Part #316576452)

The ESEC-UIB or Electronic Surface Element Control User Interface Board is located on the lower right hand side of the instrument panel. It is underneath the element controls.

Replacing the ESEC Relay Board (Part# 316443916)

Now we’re getting into the suggestions proposed by forum members. The ESEC Relay Board is a bit tricky to remove because it is nestled between a black plastic cover and the bottom of the touch panel. It’s possible to remove the board by unscrewing the Power Supply Board (Part# 316535200) that’s attached to the plastic cover. Once removed, you will reveal a hole that can access the Relay Board’s remaining screws.

Replacing the Touch Panel (Part # 318387122)

If all else fails, it’s time to replace the “Control Assembly, glass, black, w/interface” aka the touch panel. This is the most expensive part (excess of $1000 CAD) and the most difficult/annoying to replace. It requires you to remove the ribbon cables connecting the various boards to the touch panel, loosen screws that hold the glass top in place and pry away the touch panel itself.

Pro tip: The touch panel is held down by an adhesive strip along the front of the panel. I just rocked it back and forth until the adhesive weakened.

Once I replaced the touch panel, error code E15 did not return.

Replacing the Touch Panel’s ribbon cables?

I was hoping to save hundreds of dollars by replacing the ribbon cables connecting the touch panel and the ESEC-UIB but no luck. The error persisted.

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  1. happy with your-site
    | Reply

    Thanks for the write-up, I got lucky and my E15 problem (that had gotten progressively worse) is now gone after changing 316576452.

  2. Jey
    | Reply

    I have the same problem with code E15 and before investing too much money to fix it, I would like to know how long have you corrected the problem? Has the problem really disappeared?

    • No_Style
      | Reply

      Oops. Missed this comment. It’s still fixed!

  3. Philip Moore
    | Reply

    This fault is interesting. If any of the stove top elements are switched on, even very low on the warming element, the fault doesnt come on. About 5 mins after switching it off, it comes on. I am wondering if the there is a thermocouple that is slightly faulty.
    My issue started after a self clean of the oven and the fault came on right at the end of the cycle.

    • Paul N
      | Reply

      I experience the same fault as Pilip. Initially to get around the E15 fault I would put a knife and a bit of water on the touch panel which will trigger E11 after a while, with this error you can turn on the stove top element on. Any recommendation on how to fix this issue?

    • Eugene
      | Reply

      Philip, I noticed the same: E15 does not come on if any of the elements are on. Since I am not using the center warmer, I disconnected its power on the relay board. When the disconnected warmer is “on” the controller does not throw E15. The root cause, however appears to be in the location of the board. On my range it is located in the middle of the oven wall, about 2 ft below the other control boards. I wish I noticed this unfortunate placement earlier. The relay board must be “toasted” by now.

  4. Nicky
    | Reply

    Do you know where I can get the ribbon cable, it got damaged when we were changing the board…. Anyone?

    • Mathieu
      | Reply

      Hi Nicky,

      Did you eventually found out ? I ve tthe same problem.


    • No_Style
      | Reply

      Unfortunately not. Sorry. I didn’t have to look for those parts.

  5. Janet
    | Reply

    If you leave the stove off and do not use it is it dangerous if not repaired?

  6. Ed
    | Reply

    Well I know what starts the E15 error code. I put my cell phone on the control panel for about 5 seconds and the error code came on. A few minutes later the beeping started.

  7. Mathieu
    | Reply


    I am in the process of changing the ESEC-UIB (Part #316576452) but I’ve been a bit rough with the grey cables that connects the board to the touchscreen. Would you have the part number for this ?

    Would you consider changing the power supply (316535200 Board, power supply, 8V, (2)) for the ESEC-UIB (Part #316576452) ?


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