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Checkpoint: C Nier Run Edition

I’ve been picking away at Nier: Automata for far too long now. Social responsibilities and other things like a broken HDTV have kept me from just sitting down and playing through the game. It’s also a though game for me play through because I need to retread similar story beats with two characters. The second time through is easier but it’s not something that should be a requirement. But I played through the B run as 9S to completion and finally started Nier: Automata proper: the C run. 

I was amazed by the opening of the C run but I admit its impact was very effective because I spent 35 hours going through the game as 2B and retreading with 9S. Would I have been as taken with C run if I didn’t “suffer” a bit with 9S and the B run? I don’t know. I certainly didn’t replay the first Nier multiple times to get the true ending. I also never replayed 999 for similar reasons. I have no problems replaying games right after finishing it for the first time but I don’t like it being a requirement to extract the “true” ending. 

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