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Checkpoint: La Duodecima Edition

Real Madrid have twelve UEFA Champions League trophies and are the first team to ever win it back-to-back. They’re not the prettiest side to watch but they just get things done when it counts and Saturday’s final was no different. Ronaldo produced quality goals and the rest of the team just came together to finish off a Juventus side that I thought were too much for Spain’s number one club. 

Will Real Madrid be able to win it thrice in a row? They still have a strong midfield presence but the depth of their attacking side was a key to their success in both their domestic and European commitments. Having James Rodriguez step off your bench is a luxury that they will likely not have next season. 

Nothing has really changed in the gaming front. I’m collecting Overwatch loot boxes when I can and keep wanting to play Nier: Automata. With the girlfriend being busy until next Tuesday, I may be able to squeeze in more quality gaming time.

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