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Checkpoint: Canada Day 2017 Edition

I watched this year’s Canada Day fireworks from my workplace with my girlfriend and her parents yesterday. It was my first time meeting them and I thought it went very well. I was incredibly comfortable around them and at times I felt like I was communicating with my own mother. My girlfriend wasn’t as relaxed as I was though. I may have been comfortable during in the moment but after the fact? A fair bit of anxiety kicked in — how did I really do? Girlfriend said it went fine and we’re all meeting up again for dinner tonight so there’s that.

I finally finished Firewatch. As someone who is just kicking off a serious relationship I see it as a mirror of morals and what I believe unconditional love means. It also lays out the question of what an emotional affair means to people. Can you fall for someone who you’ve only known through voice or — in the modern day context — chat? I thought it was very effective at conveying its story but I felt the game’s engine was being held together by duct tape.

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