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Checkpoint: Cold In August Edition

So I have a cold in the middle of August which is a bizarre thing. How does one get a cold in the middle of summer? I blame work. Some folks at work had a cold and lo and behold now I have a cold. The dumb thing about this cold is that it slowly crept up on me. It started out as an annoying cough which I mistakenly believed attributed to a hay fever cough. And then it didn’t stop and eventually bloomed into a full on head cold with a bit of congestion and a lot of coughing. Now I just want to get better as soon as possible so my girlfriend would stop worrying.

I started Yakuza: Kiwami after my friends at Sega sent me a code. Yakuza Zero was amazing and I tried to wring out plenty of game from it. I’m not approaching Yakuza: Kiwami with the same vigor; I’m in it for the story. I saw mention of Pocket Circuit racing again and I just could not convince myself to go after it again. But the main story thread? I’m dialled in.

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