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Checkpoint: Thanksgiving 2017 Edition

Thanksgiving normally isn’t a thing for my family. We’ve done the turkey thing and for the past couple of years we’ve been hamming it up. This year has been quite different; I’ll be having not one but two turkey dinners. I’ve also had my share of Korean lunches and dinners after it’s all said and done. I’m in Toronto spending time with my girlfriend’s friends and family. 

There’s something about the traditional thanksgiving rigmarole that makes scratch my head. Why the cranberry slop? Why stuffing? And why turkey? And why do North American immigrants feel the need to follow such traditions when it’s really not exactly their thing? It feels formulaic and forced like Valentine’s Day or any other of the token holidays. Christmas dinner seems to be more freeform and open to ideas which is why I tend to lean heavily towards that holiday dinner. I have similar feelings with traditional Chinese New Year dinners too.

At least it was prepared well and had some interesting tweaks made but in the end, it’s just turkey and fixings. It’s like saying I had the best rice cakes ever — in the end, it’s just rice cake. 

On the plus side, I get to enjoy some quality apple pie from The Big Apple.


On the plus side, I’m getting a lot of Breath of the Wild time in. 

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