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Checkpoint: Death of NeoGAF Edition

So NeoGAF is essentially dead. NeoGAF will never fully recover from the mass exodus of members and moderators after its founder was accused of sexual misconduct. This Waypoint article by Patrick Klepek details the events that transpired over the past weekend. I will miss the community but I won’t miss the site or its owner. Apparently some community members and former moderators are putting together replacement forums but what will emerge as the true successor to NeoGAF will not be known for some time. 

I loved NeoGAF for introducing me to so many games, stories, music, movies, and wonderful people. The wonderful community even helped me get GameDealsCanada off the ground and introduced me to GiantBomb. 

I love the community’s restrictive application process and lean interface. It wasn’t perfect by any means but it kept a lot of nonsense at the door. I loved the idea behind these strict and lean approach because they wanted to distill the forum to its essence: the discussion. It’s why so many developers and industry professionals dared to wade in and participate. The moderation team — for the most part — kept discussions on track. 

So while we all wait for the dust to settle, I will continue to hit the shortcut on my web browsers like I’ve done so for so many years. Old habits die hard.

I was fighting a stomach thing for the past few days and as a result I’ve made significant progress on Breath of the Wild. I can probably beeline it towards the end in preparation for Super Mario Odyssey but I haven’t felt that urge to do so yet. 

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