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Florence Review

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Florence isn’t a co-op game by any means but the fiancée and I played through it like it was. We took turns placing puzzle pieces, remarked on the story beats, and admired the wonderful presentation together. 

Florence Yeoh’s story of young love was familiar to the both of us. We found the behaviours of the characters both relatable and bewildering. We connected with Florence but felt very little for Krish; I believe we came to the conclusion that boys are stupid.

Categorizations are silly compulsions. People will find Florence under the games section of the App Store but it’s important to heed the game’s descriptor as interactive story. The challenge wasn’t found in the gameplay. It leveraged light game mechanics to convey emotional and mental states. The challenge was whether or not we could relate and identify with Florence’s experiences through those gameplay moments. I believe we did.

We played the game on an iPad Pro (2017). It was a bit awkward to hold up the tablet for the 30 or so minutes to complete the tale, we both found it was an effective use of the platform. It was a genuinely beautiful experience for the two of us to enjoy and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who has ever experienced young love.

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