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LTTP: Gris [NSW]

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“For those who liked games like LIMBO or Journey…”

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I had some expiring Nintendo points and was compelled to buy something and so I picked up Gris which I heard good things about. That was at least 2 years ago. I finally decided to play Gris after finishing Mario + Rabbids: Donkey Kong Adventure DLC because I figured it would be a good palette cleanser.

It was beautiful, tranquil, and I could see how this game could be encapsulated by that OpenCritic summary. I loved LIMBO and Journey. The puzzles and intrigue were executed very well in LIMBO. Journey excelled at delivering a tranquil, beautiful, and emotional experience. Gris tried to combine both elements of those two games, but form often took precedence over function and that lead to an unnecessarily frustrating experience. 

I haven’t played a 2D platformer that just didn’t clearly communicate which platform could be jumped on. There wasn’t much challenge this game, but there were collectibles which encouraged taking a leap of faith or two towards what any reasonable person would presume to be a platform. Unfortunately, many times, these “platforms” were merely part of the background and I would have to slowly make my way back to where I left off. This happened at least half a dozen times which increasingly made this game a chore to explore.

I didn’t resonate with the story or imagery presented, but I appreciated its beauty and detail. There were some very clever touches with the visuals and character interactions. Curiosity with what they would come up with next drove me forward. That and the hope for more additional puzzles or powers to be introduced.

I was relieved when I saw the credits roll. The gameplay loop was wearing out its welcome and I felt they were struggling to maintain the pace of cleverness that they exhibited in the middle third of the game. My takeaway from Gris? I think it was pretty and forgettable and I don’t think I would have been worse off if I had completely forgot to play it.

It was okay

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