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PS3 Firmware 2.4 and SSHD Patch 4.0 Impressions

Update: It looks like firmware 2.4 was taken offline after several unfortunate users had their PS3’s “bricked”. Thank goodness mine updated without a hitch. Even if mine was bricked, apparently it’s a simple matter of removing, re-inserting and reformatting the hard drive.

It’s just after midnight and my PS3 was given the prompt to update firmware 2.4. The much anticipated 2.4.

To celebrate, PSN’s flagship game, Super Stardust HD was given the update with Trophy support and a new add-on for $5.99 CAD. The team pack add-on consists of:

  • Ship Editor
  • Orchestral Sountrack
  • Split screen co op
  • VS Match

Since I’m a sucker for anything SSHD, I’ll be picking this one up later on. It’s worth it for the soundtrack and ship editor alone!

As for the update itself? Aside from Trophy support, I believe it came with a slightly remixed soundtrack if I’m not mistakened. I haven’t noticed any other major changes.

Anyways, what about the firmware 2.4 update? It’s all good thus far. I got my first Trophy in SSHD for beating the first planet. A bronze one was unlocked and a faint little chime was heard accompanied by a popup in the top right corner. Neat.

The in-game XMB works very well. The icons take a bit of time to come in when going through the menus, but the transition works smoothly. Well smoothly in SSHD. I have yet to test other games. That’s about it. It’s actually pretty nice to be able to hop from SSHD and straight to the demo of Top Spin 3.

Overall, a solid update from Sony. Still much for them to implement, but this is a good step forward.

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    You get what you pay for I suppose.

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