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Checkpoint: SFIV Hyping Edition II


Last week’s checkpoint was dedicated to the hype with a few points dedicated to teaching some Street Fighter IV basics. This week, I’d like to focus on more of the theory and tips I found throughout my travels on the net.

Street Fighter Basics

Here’s are a series of videos from David Srilin, the lead designer behind SSF2T:HDR and high level tournament player. These videos came from Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 and while it was made for Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo in mind, there is theory of universal significance in here. Below you’ll find the ones that are still applicable in Street Fighter IV.

The Street Fighter IV Basics

An excellent video from IGN. Covers the absolute basics including ‘ticking into throws’, ‘kara throws’ and ‘cross ups’. It even talks about Focus Attacks.

It wouldn’t be a Street Fighter without depth. This IGN video dabbles into Focus Attack Dash Cancelling (FADC), ‘Armor Breaks’ and ‘cancelling’.

The Glossary

This glossary here describes the terms you’ll most likely encounter when discussing Street Fighter or any fighter for that matter.

Bugs & Exploits?

These aren’t significant issues, but still worth checking out if you’re interested in random stuff like this.

“Super Bug”

A funny looking bug which occurred for the Xbox 360 version of the game. It was fixed when the player cleared his Xbox 360’s system cache.

Fei Long’s ‘Infinite’ Against Abel

This little combo only works against Abel and Seth, so its relatively benign in the grand scheme of things. It’s also not a true infinite since there’s an obvious end to it. Finally, it requires a fair bit precision timing to pull off.

Unlocking Street Fighter IV Characters

Lastly, use this guide to unlock characters. As if Capcom decided it was still cool to unlock characters in 2009. Weak.


Hopefully you folks will find the above useful. As for me, I anxiously await the damn game’s arrival from Amazon.ca.

So here I am waiting for Street Fighter IV and playing other games to occupy the time. I started up Call of Duty 4 again; it’s still damn fun and cheap as hell when you get on a roll with bombing runs and helicopters. 24 – 2 or so after my second game? Ha.

Of course I’m still playing Persona 4. I’m 45 hours into it the game and I’m still intrigued — more so than I was with Persona 3. That mystery angle they chose to pursue was an excellent move.

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