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Checkpoint: Clean PCs Edition


I spent most of Saturday with three computers, a couple cans cans of compressed air and a vacuum. All three machines were dusty, but mine was the clear dust champion. My ThermalTake Tsunami Dream case is a tool-less case with a hard drive caddy and it has proven to be worth the money. I will never buy a case without a removable hard drive caddy; it makes life so much easier.

The Shuttle and my brother’s Soprano case were rather quick since one had only exhaust fans and the other I cleaned out earlier this year. It took about 40 minutes to do a fairly through cleaning of my Tsunami Dream. I didn’t remove heatsinks or the motherboard, but I did flush out the dust from anything with a fan. After it was all said and done, it was time for the Windows 7 64-bit Release Candidate install.

I gave Windows 7 plenty of praise for a successful install on my Dell Mini 9 and it didn’t falter with the ASUS P5B Deluxe and its P35 chipset. Unfortunately, the Shuttle ST20G5’s motherboard’s ULI storage chipset was not recognized by Windows 7. I don’t blame Microsoft though; it’s not the most widely used chipset.

Fortunately, since Windows Vista, Microsoft’s pre-install environment enabled USB storage support and thus I was able to load up the SATA/RAID drivers for the ULI chipset. I’m curious how the NVIDIA nForce 4 of my brother’s PC will fare — that is if I don’t sell the tower beforehand.

Life with 64-bit Windows 7 is filled with redundancies. There’s a separate Program Files for x86 programs. There’s a 64-bit version of Internet Explorer as well. I wish it was more transparent about the whole 64-bit thing. I haven’t stumbled across any incompatibilities as of yet. Thank goodness.

I just finished Uncharted. This completion marks my fourth time with Uncharted and to its credit, I still had fun. So much so that I may even go for the Platinum for this game as well. Don’t even think about calling me a Trophy whore. I’m not going to pick up Wall-E just for easy Trophies. I just want to thoroughly complete great games.

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