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Checkpoint: Upgrading to Windows 7 Retail Edition


The Home Premium upgrade package comes with two discs (32-bit & 64-bit) and one license key. Makes sense. But what how about clean installs? That’s what we’re all wondering about. It seems everyone and their mother loves Windows 7, but how do we perform a clean install with the upgrade media? That’s why I decided not to put off the install and find out.

It turns out the simplest answer was a simple Google Search away. According to this WinSuperSite post, we can perform a clean install and user our upgrade licenses without the fuss of double installs. Awesome.

Well it turns out that I didn’t need to use that method because I moved from Windows 7 RC to Home Premium without any fuss. And this is how it went down:

  • Windows 7 Ultimate RC was already installed on the hard drive
  • Performed a format on the hard drive via the Clean Install option
  • Installed Windows 7 Home Premium and activated

It was nice, easy and uneventful considering all the questions I was being asked before launch day.

How do I like it? It’s Windows 7 and it’s wonderful. It’s such a significant step up over Windows XP and even Vista. The new additions to Aero interface alone is worth it. I can’t stand not being able to use Aero Snap. And with that three out of four machines were upgraded to retail versions of Microsoft’s latest. I’m hoping to have Windows 7 installed on netbook via USB drive next weekend. I’m sure it’ll work like charm then as well.

It’s been non-stop Uncharted 2 here. I just wrapped up my Platinum Trophy run and I’m still not satiated. There’s still more co-op fun to be had. I didn’t mention it my review, but this is already a prime candidate for game of the year for me.

The only other game which could snatch it away is that shooter everyone’s talking about. What was it? Modern something? Yeah, that game.

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