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Modern Warfare 2 Three Month Impressions


It’s the third month into the life of Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer and I think I’ve had enough of it.

You could say I’m in the trough of disillusionment or maybe there’s just so many issues (little or large) that I’ve just had enough.

I’ve played over two day’s worth. My Kill/Death ratio is hovering at around 2.40 and I’ve Prestiged once.  But as time passed, the thrills of acquiring a chopper gunner and mowing people down is no longer there. Instead, I see a borderline broken game.


When you have millions people playing your game, glitches can surface quickly. But, why couldn’t this “testing” be done in an actual public beta? These glitches aren’t even geometry or map related, they’re abusing bugs with the game’s fundamentals. As of right now, one of the so called “care package glitch” was addressed with the 1.08 PlayStation 3 patch, but not even a day later, a workaround was discovered. The Xbox 360 is still waiting for the initial “fix”. Who knows if it will address the post-1.08 workaround.

One Man Army Perk

In my last set of impressions, I pointed out my concerns with the some of the perks. This one perk, however, is a source of frustration as it replenishes some of the most abused weapons in the game: grenade launchers.

Watching kill cams and seeing my opponent hold up the OMA package, change class, switch to the grenade launcher and fire it into a room and kill me is ludicrous. I don’t mind dying from a grenade launcher, but not someone’s third or fourth refill. COD4’s grenade spam was outrageous, but at least people weren’t regenerating grenades on demand.

The OMA perk is also used in the care package glitch workaround which makes it even worse.

How Many Kills Did You Actually Earn?

Four with the Hardline perk? The predator missile, harrier and chopper gunner kill streaks did the rest. MW2 quickly degraded to the kill streak race. And with the useless AT4 launcher, how can anyone honestly take down all that aircraft fast enough? The Stinger should have been default at the very least.

Network Latency

Hosts lagging out, lag spikes and failed host migrations happen far too often. It wasn’t until playing on the dedicated servers of Bad Company 2 did I realize how unstable Modern Warfare 2 games are on a regular basis. What’s worse is the fact that there’s subtle latency which isn’t immediately evident. It looks like my bullets are heading towards my enemy, my network rating is at the possible max, but I’m not registering any hits.


I’d like you to take a look a this video from a person who is sitting at level 10 Prestige. This NeoGAF member is making a series of videos to help people increase their kill death ratios in Modern Warfare 2. He’s skilled and his methods are excellent, but this isn’t what I want from a shooter.

I want Infinity Ward to come out and discuss some of these design decisions, but we’ve heard nothing from them. Is the OMA perk being used as they intended? Are the kill streaks balanced as intended? (EMP is still at 15-kills) Or what about tweaks with improving latency?

Nothing from them.

Perhaps Bad Company 2 is what I want now.

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