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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 MP Report #4

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After 63 hours of play time, my enjoyment of Bad Company 2‘s multiplayer has yet to diminish.

Playing with fellow GAF players results in numerous victories. My personal win/loss record is approaching 2:1 and it’s all thanks to competent teamwork. I’ve also begun playing more Rush games with the GAF squad and they’ve become a lot more bearable.

Since the last update, I’ve also obtained the Platinum Trophy for Bad Company 2. It wasn’t easy or enjoyable, but it did allow me to try “boosting” for the first time. The “Knife 5 friends” and “kill 20 people via Demolition 2.0” Trophies were brutal. I don’t know why the designers thought these objectives were fun. Trying to obtain these in a “real game” would be detriment to everyone else who is playing.

Even though I’ve played 63 hours, I have yet to max out my Medic class. I don’t force a class upon a game. I play the class which suits the map, gametype and the need of the team. It turns out, most situations require Engineers or Assault. During moments of disarray, I may pull out the Recon class with a G3 and motion sensors.

With regards to weapon balance, the only weapon I wish to see tweaked is the Medic’s M60. It’s a laser beam of death. I would also like to see the Tracer Dart tweaked as well. Maybe it’s just me — I’m not entirely sure — but I have a tough time hitting aircraft with the damn thing. A speed increase would be nice.

The PC release is getting a patch very soon which addresses weapon balance. I hope to see the console patch soon, but thanks to certification, it may be a bit of a wait.

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