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Some Power Consumption Measurements

I got my hands on that Blue Planet Electronic power meter I mentioned last week on Twitter. I initially wanted to pick it up to measure how much power (if any) I would be saving if I switched my PlayStation 3 to the APS-231 power supply. But after those damn Chinese Ebay shops sent me a poor excuse for a used power supply, I held off until earlier this week when I decided to start this Home Server Project thing. After encountering some snags, I actually got Amahi working which meant I could do some power consumption measurements.

And here are the results at idle:


Testing Methodology

Measurements were taken shortly after boot up of the system. I waited until the system was completely idle and waited for the power reading to stabilize at a number for more than 10 seconds.


I actually measured the Shuttle ST20G5 first. I actually thought it was wrong and proceeded to test the PlayStation 3 which I used as a baseline thanks to “professional” measurements. It turns out that my measurements were in line. So what does this all mean?

  1. The launch PlayStation 3 consumes a disgusting amount of power at idle. Even more than my 2010 PC which was most shocking to me. I should probably pick up a PlayStation 3 Slim sooner rather than later, but I think I’ll wait for the inevitable GPU & CPU in the same package revision.
  2. The Shuttle ST20G5 is actually ideal for a home server. I’ll probably throw in 2 TB worth of space in there.
  3. I thought power meters were supposed to help me save money, not find excuses to spend more money.

  1. The TC
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    Wow…no wonder my power bill is so high! okay so my plan for the ps3 is as follows: Buy a slim when the ps Move comes out in the Move bundle and sell my “launch ps3″… I plan to tote the backwards compatibility as a selling feature for more duckets.

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