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Checkpoint: New Fiscal Year Edition


It’s the new fiscal year, ladies and gentlemen.

This means new challenges at work, new fiscal goals for companies and brand new games for me. For one reason or another, three major releases are landing on April 19. Mortal Kombat, SOCOM 4 and Portal 2 are fighting for my dollars and time on that day.

I’ve already pre-ordered Portal 2 for PS3 at a discount and I have a SOCOM 4: Full Deployment kit on the way as well. The only one I may have to fork out retail price for. (I’m hoping for a PowerTrade opportunity!)

I also need to do my taxes. I have a copy of Quicktax TurboTax 2010, I honestly don’t know if going to get a return or not this year. If I do, you can bet it’ll be going into something gaming related.

I’ve been thinking about picking up another PlayStation 3 Slim. I already measured the power consumption differences first hand, but I was reminded of the vast differences thanks to these posters here.

I just wrapped up the Crysis 2 campaign on Xbox 360. A review of that should be coming out on Wednesday.

I’m still playing Blur, but I think I’m going to start up Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit as well. Just to compare and contrast the two arcade racing titles.

I think I’m on the home stretch of Layton 3 as well. The twist in the story is both intriguing and less interesting as time I make my way through the game.

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