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Checkpoint: New Xbox 360 S Edition


If you haven’t heard, the new GameDealsCanada logo is up. You can read thoughts about it in my post earlier.

Today, I’m going to talk about the new Xbox 360 S 4GB that I picked up on Friday. GameStop was willing to trade my “Jasper” Xbox 360 (with one controller, A/V cable and power adapter) + $29.99 for a brand new Xbox 360 S 4GB. It was tough not to say no.

I’m using my old Xbox 360’s 60GB hard drive. I had to rip it out of its caddy, but it’s in the new one right now. It’s being held by the SATA port at the moment and that’s no good at all. Thankfully, DealExtreme sells empty Xbox 360 S hard drive caddies for less than $5. As for the 4 GB “memory unit”, it’s still in there. I’ve cleared it for now and I’m considering storing Gamer Profiles in there.

The first thing I noticed was how light the whole package was compared to old models. The power brick is still large, but at least it’s light. The console itself is considerably lighter and smaller as well. Not as thin as the PS3 Slim, but it occupies less shelf space.

I don’t mind the matte finish. It actually allows the touch sensitive power button to standout a bit more. Also since it only comes in black, the Xbox 360 finally meshes well with the rest of the A/V equipment and the PlayStation 3.

As for power consumption, I measured the Xbox 360 S at approximately 70 W at the Dashboard which is about a 20 W drop compared to the old one. Looking at these numbers really puts my old fat PlayStation 3 to shame. If I didn’t give a lick about backwards compatibility, I’d trade it in for $200 and pick up a new Slim for an additional $100 at GameStop. I honestly do have many PS2 games that I really wouldn’t mind revisiting. Plus, it’s a apparently an uncommon unit nowadays.

I’ve been playing SOCOM 4’s campaign and I’ve neither enjoyed it nor hate it. It’s just there. I can’t play more than two missions worth before stepping away from it. According to the progress bar in the main menu, I’m about 70% done.

I’m also 95% done my Portal 2 campaign review. It should be going up this Wednesday.

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