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Checkpoint: Not According To Plan Edition


Things haven’t gone according plan in my world. Some of it personal, but most of it gaming and gadget related.

Despite my pleas for some opinions on why I SHOULDN’T get a Zune HD, I’ve decided not to pick one up. Why? Because the day after I posted that plea on QSF5 and NeoGAF, I decided to pay closer attention to my iPod Nano and how I use it. And based on my observations, no touch centric device will ever beat the ease of “in pocket” use of an iPod Nano.

Maybe I’ll wait for another price drop to push me over the edge, but for now the Nano will remain my pocket.

Thanks to the outage with the PlayStation Network I may not be able to trade in my 60GB PlayStation 3 for $200 and get a new Slim for an additional $100. I have saves I want to extract which can only be extracted via their PlayStation Plus Cloud save feature. I will probably need the original hardware to reset my PSN password as well.

I’m at the point where backwards compatibility isn’t a big deal anymore — especially when I can get superior backwards compatibility on the PC via the PCSX2 emulator. Not all games will be supported properly, but it’s good enough for me. I saw Persona 4 and Final Fantasy XII and they both look gorgeous through the emulator.

At least Mortal Kombat is here.

I finished SOCOM 4’s campaign. It’s not very good and I don’t think anyone would be missing out on anything if they chose not to play it. My review of it should hit this Wednesday.

I guess that’s pretty much it. I started up a Civ5 game again, but that’s just a part of my regular Civ fix. It’s still awesome and the new patches have made substantial changes on how certain things work. If only I could break myself away from the habit of going after the Science victory.

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