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Checkpoint: The Return of PSN Edition


The PlayStation Network has returned! We can all go back to playing games online, check Trophies and communicate with friends. But if you want to buy things off the PlayStation Store, you’ll have to keep on waiting. Same goes with the “Welcome Back” program.

I’ve successfully reset my main account’s password, but have yet to reset my other regional accounts. I have an Indian, European, Japanese and even a U.S account. So many accounts.

As I mentioned last week, due to the unavailability of the PlayStation Network, I held off from trading in my PlayStation 3 60GB. Unfortunately for me, the last day for trading in was yesterday. Now I await another opportunity to trade in or sell. \

Perhaps this was for the best because I recently discovered there was a new PlayStation 3 SKU coming. Maybe this one will have Wireless N support along with being even more power efficient — it could even be slimmer. I bet we’ll find out more info during E3 next month.

I wonder how long it’ll take before people in the press forget about this huge PSN outage and security incident. I’m going to take a stab and say by next E3 it’ll be nothing more than a distant memory.

I just finished the Mortal Kombat “Story Mode”. It was damn good fun and surprisingly intriguing. Mortal Kombat origin stories are fascinating little tales on their own, butthe level of production NetherRealm invested into the cutscenes made it even more enjoyable.

Speaking of production values and cutscenes, I’ve been playing The Witcher and watching its cutscenes. This game reminds me of Bethesda RPGs and the level of jank that follow those games. The game hasn’t crashed on me nor have I encountered any game crashing glitches, but I’ve watched my share of terrible cutscenes and voice acting. Some of it was terrible to the point of hilarity, but a significant chunk of it was just plain terrible.

I like the idea of The Witcher more than actual execution of it. But I’m not going to quit! I’m on Chapter 2 and I’ll keep going.

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