» » Checkpoint: 2011 Gaming Expense Q3 Check In Edition

Checkpoint: 2011 Gaming Expense Q3 Check In Edition

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It’s time to take a look at how much I’ve spent on this gaming hobby in 2011.

If you look at my total expenses I’m sitting at $878.61. The total is inflated with the PlayStation 3 160GB replacement that I purchased over the summer.

If you’re looking at just software expenses, I’ve spent $584.92. 

Looking at what I’ve pre-ordered and what I’ve spent so far, I’m busting that $1000 target wide open.

I wrapped up Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood late last week and started Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s a little early to give an impression on the gameplay itself, but I love the style and music thus far.

With a week off next week, I should have plenty of time to wrap up that game. That is if I can resist the temptation to go back into BFBC2.

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