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Savestate: How ’bout them updates?

apple-logo.pngRe: Apple’s October 2014 Keynote

The iPad Air 2 is thinner, sports an improved display, includes TouchID and comes in Gold. Now I just need for someone to confirm that it has at least 2GB of RAM.

I’m very intrigued by the A8X and what kind of GPU configuration Apple squeezed in there because this isn’t like last year’s A7 configuration at all. The A7 SoC was simply given room to stretch its legs in the iPad Air chassis; Apple weren’t trying to push graphical prowess with the iPad Air. It looks like the iPad Air 2 will be different.

I’m disappointed that they didn’t give consumers the 32GB as the base model though. Why so greedy, Apple? At least they’re consistent with the iPhone 6 in this regard.

The iPad Mini 2 did not receive as much love as the Air 2 though. All Apple did was include TouchID and include the Gold option. It still features the A7. On the plus side, if you don’t care about TouchID, the iPad Mini with Retina Display is now $100 cheaper. I wonder if they included more memory.

I bet the new iMac w/ Retina 5K looks stunning. I just can’t justify purchasing one which is why it’s a little tough to get excited for it.

OS X Yosemite is out today and I can download it but I’m waiting to see if Apple will offer an update for those of us who were using the betas.

Re: PlayStation 4 system software 2.0

Sony detailed additional features coming with system software 2.0. All those features sound nice and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them. I only wish Sony were adding bigger features like DLNA and the promised Suspend/Resume functionality.

Re: IOGear Wireless 3D Digital Kit

That wireless kit that I was talking about a couple of weeks ago was given a glowing review by a buddy of mine. Now I want one. I just don’t want to pay more than the $180 price on Amazon.com.

ASUSWRT-Merlin Custom Firmware

I was looking up custom firmware compatibility for the ASUS RT-AC68U and once again stumbled across something called “Merlin” firmware. I decided to find out what that firmware was all about and I like what I read.

The Merlin custom firmware is supposed to be based on the same codebase as ASUS’ official firmware but with a few tweaks, updates and fixes. This post by the author convinced me to give it a look:

[Merlin firmware] offers performance. DD-WRT offers features. Tomato offers a mix of both.

I like performance and not all my routers will need all the features of Tomato so it makes sense to keep it simple.

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