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Checkpoint: Gaming Expense 2014 Edition

I was hoping to spend less than $750 in 2014 but thanks to Target and their currency card sale, I blew that budget by a fair margin. But with Target gone, it might be a while before I splurge so much on currency cards.

Total Hardware & Accessories$629.95$283.12
Total Software Only$2,063.51$651.42
Totals Expenses$2,693.46$934.54
Total Savings$1,758.92

I spent only 28% of the MSRP in 2013. With Target’s currency card sale, this year’s percentage rose to 35%.


2014 Purchase Breakdown by Quantity

2014 Purchase Breakdown by Value

Lots of love for the Wii U by quantity thanks to Club Nintendo freebies and quality titles for Nintendo. As for the large chunk of cash spent towards “Hardware & Accessories”? It was primarily controllers and the Xbox One.

Ongoing Trend

Total Software Expenses Over the Years Total Expenses Over the Years


I’m hoping to spend less than $750 on gaming in 2015. I marked that as my goal last year but since I took the hit for those gift cards last year, this year should be substantially easier on the wallet. Couple those gift cards with Amazon.ca gift certificates that I receive, it should be easy as pie to keep with 2015’s target.

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