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Checkpoint: ResetEra Edition

Last week it was the death of NeoGAF. This week, it’s all about the birth and rise of ResetEra. ResetEra is essentially the successor to NeoGAF – in name and in technology. The ethos behind the forum remains; don’t be a jerk. The strict moderation and registration processes continues but now the forum is powered by XenForo which coincidentally is the successor to vBulletin which powered NeoGAF. 

I still find myself tempted to visit NeoGAF out of habit and morbid curiosity. It is all but dead with the mass exodus that took place. Some forum members traverse both ResetEra and NeoGAF but the community threads I followed are virtually lifeless on NeoGAF. While it is certainly possible that 24,000+ members are new comers or previously banned GAF members looking for a fresh start, a large contingent of the active community migrated over to ResetEra

I’m flabbergasted with how quickly ResetEra ramped up. The technical team over there have done a marvelous job standing up the website and its influx of members. NeoGAF was notoriously spotty with availability during E3 times so it will be interesting to see how ResetEra will fare under that load. That is: if they manage to draw that kind of traffic.

I’m content with the new “home”. I see a lot of familiar faces in my usual hangouts and all throughout the site. 

Super Mario Odyssey is here but I also have a fair chunk of Breath of the Wild to play. What do?!

Also, Metroid: Samus Returns is a very good video game.

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