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Checkpoint: iOS Game Deals Edition


That’s right. I’ve been purchasing $1 iOS games — specifically aiming for iPad games — because they were on sale.

Check out my haul thus far:

  • Game Dev Story
  • ChuChu Rocket! HD
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • World of Goo HD

I don’t have an iPad or any iOS for that matter, but I have every intention in getting one. As long as the next iPad meets my criteria, I’ll purchase it. These iPad 3 rumors aren’t helping, but I’m still standing by my requirements:

  1. At least a dual core CPU
  2. At least 1 GB of RAM
  3. At least 1280 x 720 resolution

I don’t care if the current iPad with its 256 MB of RAM manages to produce an unrivaled experience, I want my beefy hardware. If Motorola can cram all that nice stuff into their Xoom, Apple can do the same. If that means I need to play the waiting game, I will.

In the meantime, I’ll continue collecting iPad games that go on sale. I’ve never purchased games for hardware I don’t ownbefore, but then again, I never encountered worthwhile games for a dollar either.

With Mafia II out of the way (you can read my review), I started Mirror’s Edge for PC. So far so good. I dislike the combat a lot, but the platforming is exhilarating. But what about Dead Space 2? My brother is still not done with. The allure of new game plus and trophies was too difficult to resist.

I’m also on the final stretch of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. I’m a bit disappointed. I hope the newly released (in Japan) sequel is better.

And I’ve been playing a lot of Bad Company 2 multiplayer. Gotta quench that Battlefield thirst somehow.

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